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11 Worlds Contemporary Czech Children’s Illustration

11 Worlds Contemporary Czech Children’s Illustration

Main Building

28. 11. 2012 – 24. 2. 2013

The exhibition was made up of eleven “nests” introducing eleven contemporary Czech illustrators for children. Included artists were selected with an emphasis on their use of expression and overlapping techniques--for example, a transition from classical drawing and painting to textile art or comic-book styles. They were largely drawn from the young and middle-aged generations, and had created a number of successful books and other artistic projects. The aim of the exhibition, which was interactive, was to involve children in the process which gives birth to illustrations, and give them an opportunity to have fun in the same creative way as the authors. The project was accompanied by a series of workshops conducted by each of the eleven illustrators.

The co-organiser of this exhibit was the non-profit organisation Terra Cultura, represented by Lenka Vosičkové and Veronika Hudečková.


David Böhm

Pavel Čech

Jiří Franta

Renáta Fučíková

Vendula Chalánková

Karel Jerie

Lucie Lomová

Galina Miklínová

Petr Nikl

Petr Šmalec



Exhibition Curator: Radim Kopáč

Graphic Layout: Lenka Jasanská

Architect: Ondřej Beneš


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