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Barbarian Graves at Prague-Zličín / The World of the Alive and Dead in the Migration Period

Barbarian Graves at Prague-Zličín / The World of the Alive and Dead in the Migration Period

Jaroslav Jiřík, Jiří Vávra, Miroslava Šmolíková, Milan Kuchařík a kol.

The City of Prague Museum, 2015

A unique book published for the exhibition of the same title presents the dramatic Migration Period in Bohemia. The unique excavations discovered during research of the 5th century burial ground at Prague-Zličín are the book’s highlight.


From 2005 to 2007, rescue archaeological research was carried out in connection with the construction of the residential area “Zličínský Dvůr” (Zličín Court) in Prague 5. First, it was performed by the City of Prague Museum and later by the Labrys Company. During the research, the entire burial site from the Migration Period was scrutinized and assigned to the “Vinařice” group which dates to the second and last thirds of the 5th century of the Common Era. There were 177 graves uncovered, making this burial site the largest necropolis from the Migration Period which has been explored in the Czech Republic and one of the largest in Central Europe.

The surviving parts of graves will be the most remarkable part of the exhibition. Although most of the graves have been plundered, the findings constitute an absolutely unique whole. The largest ever collection of luxurious glass vessels in our country was discovered; the majority of the acquired specimens were in excellent shape and truly are masterpieces. Items made of precious metals are not only of scientific importance but in many cases also of exceptional artistic and aesthetic significance.

The book has been published after long-term efforts of many experts from all kinds of institutions who contributed to the findings presented therein.

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