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Shrovetide Festival at Ctěnice Chateau 2016

Shrovetide Festival at Ctěnice Chateau 2016

Ctěnice Chateau

31. 1. 2016

A boisterous celebration of the Shrovetide at Ctěnice Chateau will be associated with the celebration of the butcher’s guild. The band Malá česká muzika of Jiří Pospíšil will add to the traditional Shrovetide merrymaking. Traditional doughnuts, cookies, and potato pancakes as well as hot apple cider and mead will be served. The Prague butcher’s shop HUDERA & SYN will prepare the original Czech pig slaughter.


The Shrovetide workshop for children will begin at 10 am at the Špejchar Exhibition Hall to make traditional Shrovetide masks.
The masquerade parade with music and traditional folk dances will follow.


The Shrovetide Festival music:

Malá česká muzika of Jiří Pospíšil

Sunday 31 January 2016, 2pm – 2:40pm and 3pm – 3:40pm at the Carriage House.

The music band was founded by the composer and conductor Jaroslav Krček in 1960 as a small band of Josef Vycpálek’s Ensemble of Songs and Dances. Beginning in 1967, it was included in the Chorea Bohemica Ensemble where it was until 1985. Then it became independent and was led by the outstanding singer and folklorist Jiří Pospíšil. Nowadays, the band is led by the first violinist Růžena Sršňová. The band’s repertoire consists of about three hundred of Bohemian and Moravian songs and dances which are adapted by the band’s members Růžena Sršňová, Jakub Sršeň, and Jan Vrkoč. However, the earlier adaptations by Jiří Pospíšil, Jaroslav Krče, and Josef Krček, which are the true ‘golden treasure’ of the Malá česká muzika of Jiří Pospíšil, are still highly favoured.

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