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Prague-Těšnov Station – Back in Operation

Prague-Těšnov Station – Back in Operation

Ctěnice Chateau

from 9. 4. 2017

The exhibition presents a HO scale model of the extinct Prague station. It is an accurate model of the most beautiful station in Prague which opened 141 years ago and was razed 31 years ago. Built precisely according to the authentic plans and other historical sources, the model railway is digitally controlled. In addition to the station, the model also features the Negrelli Viaduct track running over the Těšnov Station railhead.

The model railway (1:87 scale) gives the visitors a very realistic idea of the most beautiful station building in Prague, built between 1872 and 1875 as a prestigious structure of the significant Northwestern Austrian Railway Company. The model, which features the remarkable sculptural decoration, was produced by a 3D printing process according to the original technical drawings. The station model also comprises a locomotive depot, showing places where locomotives were filled with water and coal, using the coal-filling crane, an ash pit for engine cleaning, a double-track carriage house, a functional railway turntable, a signalling control, a water tower, and a storage house.

The Těšnov Station was discontinued in 1972 and in March 1985 the last and architecturally most valuable part of the station building was torn down. However, the model station is back in operation and gives visitors a chance to taste the atmosphere of bygone times when a passenger train with two-axle carriages and wooden seats going to Turnov passed through the Karlín Port stop.

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