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From a Thread to a Shirt / Textile and Fashion of Prague Residents in the Middle Ages

Helena Březinová, David Kohout, Miroslava Šmolíková

The City of Prague Museum, 2017

A book published for the exhibition of the same title.


A richly illustrated book is published to accompany the 2017 exhibition of the same name, taking place in the Old Town’s House at the Golden Ring, which is run by the City of Prague Museum. The book introduces medieval textile and dying crafts during the 14th and 15th centuries, explains the process of textile origin including the particular production processes from obtaining raw materials to making final products, presents the equipment of the weaving and dying workshops, and shows various types of textiles and their practical use in everyday life during the High Middle Ages as well as the fashion of the Prague burghers. Furthermore, results of expert analytical research of archaeological textiles and their restoration are presented as well as many original archaeological findings, ethnographic exhibits, and reconstructions of historical clothing.


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