The City of Prague Museum

Czech Film Posters 1931–1948

Czech Film Posters 1931–1948

Main Building

13. 12. 2017 – 22. 3. 2018

The exhibition will present a comprehensive selection of film posters from the rich collection of the City of Prague Museum. Visitors will be introduced to a unique poster form – a noodle, which became widespread with the emergence of sound films in the early 1930s. These posters which prevailed in public areas are easily recognisable.

The composition of multiple pictures or figures complemented with large coloured spots is typical of the noodle format. Because of their graphic art elements, these historic film posters have never been fully accepted by film professionals; their magic and naivety have been discovered only recently. The criticism of the poster as historic kitsch does not take into account the fact that it is an advertising product with the goal to attract viewers to come see the film.

The exhibition focuses on the period from 1931 to 1948, i.e. the beginning of sound films and the end of the complete nationalisation of Czechoslovak cinematography in 1948.




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