The City of Prague Museum

Czech Film Posters 1931–1948








Czech Film Posters 1931–1948

Jindřich Čeladín

The City of Prague Museum, 2017

A book published for the exhibition of the same title.


This catalogue provides a comprehensive selection of more than 300 film posters from the rich collection of the City of Prague Museum. Readers will learn about the classical forms of film posters called ‘noodles’ which spread on a mass scale after films with sound emerged in the early 1930s. The rapid spread of cheap offset printing further contributed to the increase of their popularity. A combination of several images or figures and large areas of striking colours was typical of noodles. These historic posters, whose artistic value remained unacknowledged by the professional public, were primarily excellent advertising products. It was not until the present that the magic and certain naivety of these posters won people’s admiration. 


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