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from 1. 1. 2014


In February 2009 the unique and ambitious project of model digialization was completed. As a result, the public could view the wholly new dimension of the model – the 3D digital form. Prague has become the only city in the world to provide such a large and detailed virtual historical view of town.

The virtual guide of the Langweil model of Prague, 2nd floor
Choose the tour of the historical heart of Prague and “fly” above. The legends of buildings will guide you through. The flights may be also purchased in the form of a DVD application called the “Virtual Guide of the Langweil model of Prague”.

(foto © Miroslav Fokt)
3D stereo cinema
A six-minute flight through the Langweil model of Prague
For the next six minutes, you have the unique opportunity to become a virtual visitor to historical Prague in the early 19th century. The stereoscopic cinema draws visitors into the paper world of the Langweil model of Prague and its vicinity and allows them to learn about the unparalleled beauty of this outstanding work of art. The 3D glasses and special projector help visitors view the picture three-dimensionally and become parts of the projection. Themed music and appropriate sounds (bells, horses’ hooves clatter, talking of monks, etc.) add to the animation.

It took over a month to put the entire projection to life in a computer frame. The animation of the completed digital Langweil model of Prague took 3 months to be created. Over two hundreds of professionals – mathematicians, historians and computer experts participated on the project.

At the fifth International Arts and Film Festival in Telč this project won the Prix Jury in the Architecture and Design category awarded by the international jury.

Multimedia DVD applications were created along with the project which are for sale in the museum shop of the main museum building or for COD at:

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Screenings take place every half hour from 9.30 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. in the cinema in the basement of the museum and are part of the tour of the museum.
Separate admission charge to the 3D cinema: 30 CZK, concessions 15 CZK
You can reserve a screening by telephone: +420 221 709 674
or e-mail:

On-line reservations for the 3D cinema may be made, at the latest, 24 hours before the planned visit and provided that the screening is not fully sold out.

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