The City of Prague Museum

50 Years with Čtyřlístek

50 Years with Čtyřlístek

Main Building

8. 5. 2019 – 22. 9. 2019

An exhibition with the working title ’50 Years of Čtyřlístek’ will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the first issue of the Čtyřlístek comic book.

The basic line of the exhibition engages with a children’s audience, and it works with interactive elements. Children will be invited to the world of dreams and will play a game whose goal will be to present the world of the four Čtyřlístek characters to today’s children. Children will pass through the exhibition, accomplishing various tasks focusing on the development of psychomotor skills and intellectual abilities. The exhibition is situated in Čtyřlístek’s house in the town of Třeskoprsky. The house comprises four rooms, each of which is dedicated to one of the comic figures. Adjacent to the house is a garden and Bobík’s garage with the ‘time machine’. Thanks to the time machine, small visitors will be able to look into various periods of time along with Čtyřlístek. Not related to the game, the house will include interactive areas in the particular rooms such as Myšpulín’s Lab, Fifinka’s Kitchen and Wardrobe, Bobík’s Gym, and Pinďa’s Haunted Trail. Eventually, children will arrive at the treasure and receive their reward.

Children will be able to experience the exhibition in two ways: as a game with Čtyřlístek or as an interactive afternoon in the house rooms that focuses on creating a better understanding of the comic characters. On top, four short film stories will be screened in the relax zone.

The ‘adult’ line of the exhibition will present the development of the comic over the past fifty years in the context of Prague’s significant moments. The timeline will enable visitors to follow the development of the figures’ artistic appearances as well as significant moments in the development of the comic. The stories of Čtyřlístek related to Prague and its past will also be introduced.

Patronage of the exhibition took Hana Třeštíková, Councilor capital Prague.



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