The City of Prague Museum

The Lesser Town Bridge Tower

The Lesser Town Bridge Tower situated on the Lesser Town bank of the River Vltava, the taller of the two towers is the youngest part of the Charles Bridge. After 1464, it was erected by George of Poděbrady, King of Bohemia, and it replaced the earlier Romanesque tower which had been built along with the smaller tower. It is reminiscent of the concept of Johann Parler’s Old Town Bridge Tower on the opposite end of the Charles Bridge and is a rare surviving example of the post-Hussite Gothic style in Prague. Along with the other towers, it guarded the entrance gate to the Lesser Town.

The tower was used as a storage and fire tower. It is 43.5 m high with a gallery situated 26 metres above the ground. Apparently, abundant sculptural decoration was originally planned but the niches for sculptures remained empty.

Today’s appearance of the tower dates between 1879 and 1883 when it was adjusted by architect Josef Mocker.


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