The City of Prague Museum


Villa Müller and Villa Rothmayer Collection:

  • Two buildings / modern architecture monuments with permanent exhibitions – Adolf Loos, Karel Lhota, Villa Müller (1928–1930) and Otto Rothmayer, Villa Rothmayer (1929)
  • Collection of authentic two and three-dimensional objects from the two buildings (loose and built-in furniture, arts and craft items, works of art – sculpture models, architectural elements, paintings and prints, samples of original building materials and technology elements
  • Historical photographs, mainly from the estates of the family of Otto Rothmayer, documentation photographs during the reconstruction and present
  • Archives of the results of research of the works of Adolf Loos in the Czech lands
  • Building history research, restoration reports, project documentation for the reconstruction of Villa Müller and Villa Rothmayer
  • Audio and video recordings of contemporaries

The Mission of the Collection:

  • Documentation and presentation of the works of the two architects: Adolf Loos and Otto Rothmayer and their kindred persons – colleagues, friends, and followers, mainly in the Czech lands
  • Documentation of historical and current interpretations of their work
  • Documentation of restoration of similar buildings, mainly in the Czech lands
  • Gathering of documents and estates of kindred persons
  • Focusing on improving the knowledge about the two villas

Specialised Library:

  • More than 700 pieces mainly of specialised literature – books, magazines, almanacs, and other printed materials
  • Historical and contemporary literature about Müller and Rothmayer villas and the work of the two architects
  • Historical and contemporary literature on villas, family housing, and dwelling culture of the 20th century
  • Books from the estates of Otto Rothmayer and his family
  • Contemporary reflection of the works of Adolf Loos and Otto Rothmayer in literature, restoration of modern architecture monuments
  • Complex publications about Czech and European architecture of the 20th century and theory of architecture in general
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