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A Biographical Chronology

A Biographical Chronology

August 12, 1894
Born in Prague, district of Královské Vinohrady

1900 – 1905
Primary school in Prague

1905 – 1912
Study at the Ist State Lyceum in Plzeň

1912 – 1914
Study at the School of Architecture and Building in Prague

1914 – 1917
Military service – officer of military engineering (in charge of the construction of road bridges, field railways, army barracks and fortification work)

1917 – 1923
Continuation of studies at the School of Architecture and Building

Employed for the construction of the state hospital in Košice (design of buildings, interiors, exterior modifications)

1922 – 1923
Employed as a designer, budgetary manager and structural engineer with the contractor Maximilián Duchoslav (independent projects, preparation of construction blueprints and budgets for the colony of single-family houses for sugar-company employees in Prague-Střešovice.

Employed in the department of building construction of the Regional Office in Prague
(preliminary sketches of the new building for the state institute of dental training,
design of a district office for Horažďovice, plans for enlargement of the ear clinic in Prague, facade project for the addition to the physics institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague.)

1923 – 1925
Employed as a structural engineer in the department of architectural engineering at the Technical University of Brno

Autumn 1923
Meeting in Brno with architect Adolf Loos

1924 – 1925
Assigned design project work in the building office for construction of Masaryk University in Brno

February 1, 1925
Nominated professor at the Czech State Industrial School in Plzeň

July 21, 1925
Marriage to actress Marie Brožová (then a member of the company of the National Theatre in Brno)

June 9, 1926
Birth of a son, Libor

The Ministry of Education and National Enlightenement awards Lhota a fellowship to study modern architecture in France, Belgium and the Netherlands

1928 – 1937
Member of the editorial board of the Czechoslovak architectural journal Architekt SIA

1928 – 1930
Cooperation with Adolf Loos on the design and realisation of the Müller Villa in Prague

Becomes a co-founder of the ‘Drama Studio’ of the Masaryk Student Dormitories, an external stage of the Plzeň Town Theatre (dramaturgy, textual adaptation, translations, set design, directing, acting)

July 22, 1929
Birth of a daughter, Dagmar

Instructor at the industrial school, and lecturer in aesthetics and theatrical ATS at the town music school in Plzeň. With Adolf Loos, realises the interior of the Kapsa Villa in Prague.

1931- 1933
Cooperation with Adolf Loos in the design and realisation of the Winternitz villa in Prague

1932 – 1942
Professor at the Ist State Industrial School in Prague

Divorce from Marie Brožová

Realisation of a wooden house in Horní Radechová near Náchod

1936 – 1937
Realisation of a house in Prague

Realisation of the ‘Vysocká bouda’ in Vysoké nad Jizerou

Awarded the honorary title of ‘Doctor of Technical Sciences’ by the Czech Technical University in Prague for his preparation of a zoning plan for Vysoké nad Jizerou.

Employed as an inspector of professional schools for the Ministry of Education and National Enlighenment

Seriously ill, he is awarded a pension; cooperates with the theatre festivals in Hronov (set design, lectures about theatrical architecture)

Hospitalised in the Vinohrady Hospital in Prague

May 1, 1947
Dies in the Vinohrady Hospital in Prague

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