The City of Prague Museum


The library, or the ‘gentleman’s study’
The floor of the room lies at a different level to the landing on the staircase, from which it is reached by several steps. Next to the entrance is a large writing desk with an unusual left-hand side for sorting correspondence. Dr. Müller could drop letters through a narrow slot like a letterbox; on the other side of the table was a small door through which the correspondence was collected. The builder Kriegerbeck commented, regarding similar oddities which Loos loved, in his diary: ‘Loos likes to think up some prank’. Next to the desk Loos added a leather-covered swivel chair made by the Viennese firm of Dworsky.
The library cupboards are built into both of the side walls. Green silk curtains close their upper, glazed sections. In the lower part of the bookshelves, behind double doors, are armoured safes masked by two massive, leather covered couches. A Dutch tiled stove is set into the wall, above the cornice of which is a large, split mirror. On the shelves to the sides of the fireplace Dr. Müller installed his ceramics collection; the majority has not survived, and the missing pieces have been substituted by ceramics from the collections of the City of Prague Museum. On the floor, which is covered by green felt, an Oriental carpet lies in front of the fireplace. The library furnishings are mahogany, as is the downstand beam; both the furniture and the beam were made by S.B.S. Brno.


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