Adolf Loos Study Centre in the Müller Villa

Nad Hradním vodojemem 14
162 00 Prague 6 – Střešovice

tel.: +420 233 323 957


Other than the organisation of expert tours of the interiors and exterior of the building, the main purpose of the Adolf Loos Study Centre in the Müller Villa, part of the City of Prague Museum, is to draw together facts and documents relating to the life and work of Adolf Loos in the Czech lands, and their gradual dissemination to the primarily professional public. The documentation gathered in the Study Centre can be divided into three basic thematic areas.

Firstly, and attractive assemblage of material comprises copies of the original architectural sketches, plans and drawings of the Müller Villa by Adolf Loos and Karel Lhota, in which it is possible to trace the development of the concept for the house and its maturation into the final form of Raumplan. By way of the collection of reproductions of archive photographs from the years 1929 to 1931 the actual construction work can be followed from the initial stages building up the spaces of the house through their subsequent finishing to the final appearance of the completed interiors. Period articles from professional journals and the daily press capture the first reactions to the controversial architecture of the Müller Villa.

A second interesting group of documents consists of the material mapping the period and environment in which Loos worked. Loos's creations in other European states are presented in particular through period literature, monographs about Loos and exhibition catalogues. Attention is also paid to the villa's builder, his family and firm. The life of the family of František Müller and Milada Müllerová is seen through a range of personal documents, written material from a wide variety of archives, a great deal of correspondence, photographs and other documentation relating to the themes outlined above.

The third group, this time made up predominantly of original documents, comprises material linked to the restoration and renovation of the villa. In particular it includes material documenting the detailed approach to and art-historical survey of the villa, including an inventorisation of its preserved elements, extant original furnishing and structural and interior details; further, there are responses to the reconstruction of the villa from the press, the documentation which accompanies the restoration work and project, and extensive photodocumentation from all stages of the reconstruction of the Müller Villa. In addition the centre archives samples of authentic structural elements and materials.

All of the documents and materials, gradually added to and from inception electronically classified, serve researchers undertaking detailed studies, primarily of Loos' work in the Czech lands, and are accessible in the Study Centre on given research days with some opportunities for making copies. In due course the important material will be transferred to electronic media, and partly made available on the City of Prague Museum's internet site.

The Adolf Loos Study Centre is a platform for the scientific investigation of problem areas associated with the relevant themes, and at the same time a living architectural atelier for students and active architects from around the world. It also organises lectures, workshops and professional seminars.

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