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A Slightly Better World – A Century of Scouting

A Slightly Better World – A Century of Scouting

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21. 3. 2012 – 24. 6. 2012

Celebrations of the 100the anniversary of establishment of Scouting in the Czech lands.

In 2012 the Czech Scouting movement celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. It was exactly one hundred years before, in 1912, that the first Scout Camp was held in this country. A group of boys under the leadership of Professor Svojsík, a secondary school teacher, walked from Prague to Vysočina. The camp lasted four weeks. Since then Czech Scouting has experienced a chequered history. It provided important assistance during the rebuilding of the country after the war, was banned repeatedly as being an undesirable element during the communist period, and was revived as a free movement after 1989.

The exhibition ‘A Slightly Better World: a Century of Scouting’ presented the movement in all its breadth and variety. It included historical excursions and artifacts, the values of Scouting--in the form of the Promise and Law--and took visitors inside a Scout den.


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