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Adolf Loos. The Repetition of a Genius

Adolf Loos. The Repetition of a Genius

Study and Documentation Centre Norbertov

18. 6. 2020 – 10. 12. 2020

In his article `Architecture’, the architect Adolf Loos coined the basic idea of his learning about dwelling: ‘The house must be liked by everyone unlike the work of art that may be disliked by everyone. The artwork is born without a specific need while the house meets a certain need. The artwork wants to get people out of their comfort zone while the house must serve this comfort. People like everything that serves their comfort. They hate everything that tries to get them out of their achieved and secured positions, everything that annoys them. Therefore, people like houses and hate art.’ Loos regards the ethic and moral demands placed on architecture more important than the aesthetic aspects.

The exhibition dedicated to the architectural legacy of Adolf Loos is grounded in a remarkable play with the space, materials, furnishings and light. It will use the examples of interiors in Plzeň, Prague, and Brno to introduce Loos’s ‘dwelling space programmes’ respecting daily rituals of his wealthy middle-class clients. Each of the programmes, e.g. the alignment of rooms by and enfilade or the complex Raumplan, was created by Loos each time anew depending on the individual needs of his clients. The architect created an optimal space (dining room, living room, bedroom, etc.) for each activity. For example, the representative room was always pompous, the largest one in the dwelling, while the library or the boudoir had to retain the impression of intimacy. The next part of the exhibition deals with the life of Adolf Loos, briefly highlighting the milestones of his career. It more extensively focuses on the Czech milieu where Loos found many of his pupils, friends, and promoters. Organised as part of the Year of Adolf Loos 2020, the exhibition repeats the exhibition Adolf Loos: Learning to Dwell which the City of Prague Museum presented at the Austrian Cultural Forum in 2013.


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