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Adolf Loos – Viktor Bauer. Confiscated Memories.

Adolf Loos – Viktor Bauer. Confiscated Memories.

Study and Documentation Centre Norbertov

12. 4. 2018 – 17. 6. 2018

The exhibition presents the results of research which revealed unknown designs of Adolf Loos (1870–1933) that have been implemented in the interiors of the classicist palace of the industrialist Viktor Bauer, Knight of Rohrfelden (1876–1939), at the Brno exhibition grounds. The exhibition is based on the confiscation lists of the interior equipment (today lost) and the scope of the Bauer palace architectural treatment. Loos’s original designs, whose implementation appears to have been more abundant than originally assumed, come alive thanks to the combination of the lists’ content and dispossessed photographs. Viktor Bauer had hired Loos previously: in addition to his family house in Dresden, Viennese flat in Friedrichstrasse, and a villa of the sugar refinery factory in Hrušovany near Brno, his cooperation on the interior design of the Kunín Palace, which the family inherited in 1915, is speculated as well as his contribution to the renovation of the Hrušovany sugar refinery which was destroyed by fire in the same year. Apart from architecture, the lifestyle of the inhabitants is presented in the pictures of an extraordinarily gifted amateur photographer – the builder himself.


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