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The City of Prague Museum



Out of the Museum Buildings, Národní technické muzeum

11. 12. 2020 – 1. 8. 2021

Opening of the exhibition 10. 12. 2020 5.00 p.m.

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This exhibition, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Loos, is intended to recall the personality, work, and underlying ideas in the oeuvre of this major architect, whose legacy is still vivid and inspirational. Though Loos did not regard himself as an architect, his opinions and even more his built work influenced several generations of his contemporaries and successors in the architectural profession.

The exhibition presents the major works of Loos, focusing on his realisations in the Czech lands, placed into the context of his wider corpus and his theoretical writings. Embodying this context is the spatial diagram of Loos’s life, thanks to which it becomes easier to realise when and where the individual projects emerged. Loos’s work and principles will also be presented in the exhibition through three-dimensional models, photographs, and audio-visual elements. Among the main goals of the exhibition is for it to assist in reviving an awareness of the quality of Loos’s work among both the expert and professional publics.

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