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Archaeological Collection of František Hlavsa

Archaeological Collection of František Hlavsa

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1. 10. 2014 – 11. 1. 2015

Object of the Season

A unique collection of jewellery and ceramic vessels from the collection of František Hlavsa is a rarity within the archaeological collection of the City of Prague Museum – although the objects do not come from Prague and its vicinity, one will not find similar objects in any other Czech museum.

The City of Prague Museum acquired the collection from Miloš Hlavsa (1925–2000), the Czech News Agency staffer, at the end of 1984. Originally, the collection belonged to his deceased uncle František Hlavsa. It is assumed that all the objects were discovered in Central Bohemia; however, analogous findings have been discovered almost exclusively in the Carpathian Basin, mostly in the area of today’s Hungary. The objects of the Hlavsa collection appear to come from there.

František Hlavsa, the original collection owner, could be František Stanislav Hlavsa (1885–?), academic painter and occasional collector. He was dedicated to archaeology from 1909 to at least the 1940s. Between 1920 and 1922 he was a laboratory technician in the prehistoric department of the National Museum. In 1921, the National Museum bought his first private archaeological collection. In the 1930s, the same museum purchased from him several smaller sets of findings coming from amateur digging in Prague and vicinity.

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