The City of Prague Museum

August 1968 in Prague

August 1968 in Prague

Main Building

22. 8. 2018 – 2. 12. 2018

An outdoor exhibition August 1968 presents the turbulent times in the city of Prague during August 1968 via photographs, posters, and other printed materials from the City of Prague Museum’s collection. In the late 1960s, the political crisis in the Communist Party and society resulted in a revival process generally referred to as the Prague Spring.

It was an unsuccessful attempt of the reform communists to democratise society; as a result, society was more relaxed, censorship was lifted, activities of some associations were restored, and further political movements would emerge. The invasion of five countries of the Warsaw Pact to Czechoslovakia halted the initiated reforms in society. August 2018 marks its 50th anniversary.



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