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The City of Prague Museum

Baroque Prague

Barokní Praha
brokoff madona hodiny konvice ohrivadlo stit


A large number of artistic treasures and documents showing how people lived in Prague have been preserved from the time of the “shining and dark Baroque”. Among the City of Prague Museum’s best collections is its collection of Baroque sculpture but a lover of art visiting this part of the exhibit will also enjoy paintings by Škréta, Brandl, Hirschely and Grund.

During the 17th and 18th centuries the inhabitants of Prague’s towns could see the results of high-quality arts and crafts production at virtually every step, at home and at work, at the market and in church, at times of birth and death. Among the most valuable sets of collections from this period are the many hundreds of items that were owned by Prague’s guild corporations. The year they were merged under one administration (1784) was a key moment for Prague’s towns.

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