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Beauty Created for Women

Beauty Created for Women

Study and Documentation Centre Norbertov

12. 10. 2019 – 29. 3. 2020

The exhibition presents a unique collection of folk bonnets held by the Slovak National Museum in Martin. The entire collection comprises several thousand pieces.

In the past, a bonnet was an important part of the traditional female costume in Slovakia. It symbolised the transition from a girl to a woman and accompanied women from wedding to death. Over time, the hairstyle and headgear presented the most archaic and conservative components of the folk costume that survived in Slovakia until the mid-20th century. In addition to protection and head decoration, the bonnet type clearly showed the woman’s social status. Apart from bonnets from specific localities, the exhibition will present bonnets of various social classes.

The topic follows the previous exhibition Božena Rothmayerová Horneková and Alice Masaryková. Confidante and Mentor (1926–1939) for collecting traditional textiles was Alice Masaryková’s hobby and she often visited the village Bystrička near Martin in Slovakia.


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