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From the bathroom there is direct access to the Müllers’ bedroom - the largest room on this floor. The bedroom has a wide window with a door to the balcony and four other doors leading to the corridor, the bathroom, and the lady's and gentleman's dressing rooms.

The bedroom walls are covered in their original, carefully restored English wallpaper with the historicist decor of a seaside landscape with figural staffage and boats. The same wallpaper covers the top of the bedside tables and the top of the round table. The bed hangings and counterpane were made using an identical pattern during reconstruction.
The original softwood furniture with pearwood veneer has been preserved - the beds, bedside tables and the structurally interesting round table with a double top, the upper part of which is considerably smaller than the lower. For a long time it was unclear whether or not Loos designed this furniture; his authorship of it was supported by the discovery of an original architectural study in the archive of the Museum of Decorative Arts. Even now, however, the firm that actually made the furniture remains anonymous - although judging from its style it may have been S.B.S. Brno, who made the furniture for other rooms in the villa.

Not a single photograph of the bedroom has survived, and thus the placement of the beds and bedside tables was initially somewhat speculative. It was later found that the beds and bedside tables were in fact shown on one of the original plans. The accuracy of their placement was confirmed by the survey, which traced all of the surviving electrical wiring. From the documentation it is thus clear that Loos put a lamp with a fabric shade on each of the bedside tables - the sockets for both were found by the survey. The freestanding lamps were reconstructed from photographs of others of Loos's interiors. The bedroom also has a central ceiling light with a low, cylindrical shade made of milky glass set into a round brass sleeve.
The location of the other furniture is not based on documentation, and is only hypothetical. The aforementioned round table with two tops of different sizes was, together with the two chairs decorated with a rhomboidal wooden lattice pattern on their backs, placed in front of the bed.
It is likely that the bedroom also contained a closet for bedroom wear. In their Plzeň apartment the Müllers had an interesting leather-covered closet for this purpose; this has unfortunately not survived. The chest of drawers in a historicist style comes from the Müllers’ effects but probably came to the villa as part of an inheritance after Loos' death, as a number of items came to the villa in this way the placing of which Loos could not calculate with.

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