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Big and Small Tankards – Inwald Pressed Glass

Big and Small Tankards – Inwald Pressed Glass

Main Building

29. 7. 2019 – 4. 11. 2019

Another mini exhibition of the Object of the Season series presents the pressed glass tankards, including the miniature ones, which were produced in the former Inwald Glassmaking Factory in Prague-Zlíchov.

Founded by Josef Inwald in 1862, Inwald Company was one of the largest glassmaking enterprises in Bohemia after the mid-19th century. The year 1878 was a milestone in the development of the company and a significant moment in the history of glass production in Prague: after his experience with the management of several glass refineries, J. Inwald founded his first glass factory at Zlíchov in Prague which focused on the primary glass production as well as glass refinery – grinding, engraving, painting, etc. Lights, pressed utility glass, and glass souvenirs were the principal products of the Zlíchov Glassmaking Enterprise as well as blown hollow glass which received many awards at international and Austrian exhibitions. After Josef Inwald died in 1906, his sons Rudolf and Oskar took charge of the broad company, bringing the Zlíchov enterprise to the brink of the 1930s when in connection with the Great Depression it had to reduce its operations which led to ceasing operations in 1935.

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