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The City of Prague Museum

Bridges between us / Greece in GVP´s perspective

Bridges between us / Greece in GVP´s perspective

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10. 9. 2014 – 12. 10. 2014

The City of Prague Museum in cooperation with the grammar school Na Vítězné pláni in Prague organises an exhibition displaying various works of students who have participated in the Comenius programme – a bilateral European Union educational project. The project was based on the partnership between two schools – the grammar school Na Vítězné pláni in Prague and the grammar school Panagia Diasellu in Greece.

The aim of the project was to get the students acquainted with Greek environment and with the life of common people in the countryside; school environment and the students’ coevals being on one side and the character of Greece as the cradle of European civilization on the other. Exceptional experiences from a little village called Diasello and their stay in Greek families, who had given the children a hearty welcome, led the students to name the exhibition “The Bridges between Us”. The environment of the Greek countryside contributed to “the bridges” having been built surprisingly quickly, as the families’ daily routines and beautiful surroundings of the local mountains created convenient conditions for emergence of lifelong friendships. The journey to Arta, Diasello, and Athens inspired the students to create miscellaneous works from the area of literature and fine arts alike. Step by step they had been discovering both ancient and recent history of Greece, thus finding bridges between Czech and Greek history.

Many photographs, literary works, paintings, specialised texts looking into the history of art, and other pieces of work had originated during the two years’ cooperation between the schools. There is also a dictionary of common Greek-Czech-English words accompanying the exhibition. The exhibition is divided into several sections according to particular topics, all of which show what the students have found out – that “the bridges” have become parts of their lives. The students now want to share their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for Greece with the public.

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