The City of Prague Museum

Burial Mound of Libeň

Burial Mound of Libeň

Main Building

27. 6. 2017 – 1. 10. 2017

The next exhibition from the series OBJECT OF THE SEASON.

In 1890, a grave with a skeleton was uncovered in front of the new synagogue in Libeň (the place of discovery is marked in the historical map of Prague). The skeleton was lying in the supine position with arms along the body and head oriented towards the east. A ceramic jug was found on the skeleton’s chest with two bronze pins placed parallel to the jug across the body.

Břetislav Jelínek, a romantic historian, collector, and then director of the Museum of the Royal City of Prague (today City of Prague Museum), rescued the findings from the grave and handed them over to the museum. He revived the appearance of the grave himself in a watercolour with multiple archaeological findings from the environs of old Balabenka

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