Bygone Times / 1960s’ Prague in Pictures by Boris Baromykin

Bygone Times / 1960s’ Prague in Pictures by Boris Baromykin

Main Building

13. 5. 2015 – 11. 10. 2015

Several years after the exhibition of renowned photographer Zdenko Feyfar, which was highly appreciated by the visitors, the City of Prague Museum decided to organise another exhibition on photography. Unlike the previous one, this one will feature an unknown photographer, Boris Baromykin. His pictures, however, are comparable to those by his famous colleagues, both in content and artistic quality. Therefore, the organisers believe that the exhibition will be considered one of the events of the season, appreciated by both the public and professionals.

Born in Třebíč in 1941, Boris Baromykin graduated from FAMU (Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) in 1964, with a degree in cinematography, and most of his life he worked as a cameraman and director at Krátký film Company. At the same time, he also took documentary pictures, mostly for his own pleasure.

The exhibition collection of about one hundred black and white pictures from the 1960s has two directions. One is genre photography of Prague streets and public areas, which, owing to Baromykin’s talent, capture the impressive atmosphere of the time and once-in-a-lifetime moments of everyday life that the audience may perceive as short stories. The other direction is photographs documenting the social and cultural development in the then popular musical theatres (Apollo, Rokoko, Semafor) including portraits of their protagonists and the atmosphere of the performances.

All pictures on display have been enlarged with classical technology; they are not digital prints. The majority of the photographs have not yet been published.

The exhibition will open in the Museum’s Main Building on May 13, 2015 and will continue until October 11, 2015.

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