The City of Prague Museum

Bylany Culture Grave in Suchdol

Bylany Culture Grave in Suchdol

Main Building

2. 4. 2019 – 23. 6. 2019

This new exhibition from the Object of the Season series is displayed on the first floor of the museum’s main building.

The City of Prague Museum archaeologists uncovered a skeletal grave on the construction site for a new house on Brandejsovo Square in Prague 6 – Suchdol in 2003. In addition to meaty gifts, a collection of at least 13 pottery vessels with painted decoration and geometric ornaments polished into the graphite surface was discovered next to the skeleton which was lying on its back with head towards the south. An abnormally large bowl with handles was originally under the bench with the body of the deceased. A circular ceramic plate, probably a mat for incendiary offerings or a cult symbol of the sun disc, was found behind the individual’s head.

The deceased was a member of what the archaeologists call Bylany Culture (named after a significant burial ground Bylany near Český Brod) and appears to have been buried during the 7th century BC which was the Early Iron Age (Halstatt Period). The grave was not alone but was part of a larger burial ground; similar graves were discovered near the site in 1976 and 2005.

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