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Centuries Under Water: The Judith and Charles Bridges

Centuries Under Water: The Judith and Charles Bridges

Main Building

18. 7. 2012 – 11. 11. 2012

The exhibition marked the 20th anniversary of the listing of Prague’s Historical Monument Preserve in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the 10th anniversary of the largest flood in modern times, which swept through Prague in 2002. It presented the latest findings about two of the most noteworthy examples of medieval architecture in Prague: the Judith and Charles Bridges. The first part of the exhibition focused on the history of the two bridges. It presented drawings and sketches from historical reconstructions, models of key structures of the Charles Bridge with information about historical building techniques and historical diving technology, and objects discovered at the bottom of the Vltava River during research and reconstruction, displayed along with photographs and plans of their parts and fragments. The second part of the exhibition showcased large-format photographs of the Judith and Charles Bridges taken by Petr Klier during recent underwater reconstruction and documentation. This allowed visitors to discover the unknown details of the Vltava River bottom as well as both of the bridges. 

The exhibition also presented an outside display of original stone blocks that had collapsed into the Vltava River when the great floods of the past damaged the Judith and Charles Bridges. They were lifted from the bottom of the river during the most recent reconstruction of the Charles Bridge. On June 13, 2012, the stone blocks were transported from the Malá Strana riverbank to the City of Prague Museum.

Team of Authors: Miroslava Šmolíková (Exhibition Commissar), Zdeněk Dragoun, Petr Klier, Pavla Státníková, Ondřej Šefců
Architect: Miloslav Čejka – Studio FAM
Graphic Designer: Jiří Sušanka

The exhibition is held under the auspices of Václav Novotný, councillor of Prague. 

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