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Cheers! Archaeology on the History of Drinking

Cheers! Archaeology on the History of Drinking

Main Building

28. 11. 2016 – 5. 3. 2017

The next exhibition from the series OBJECT OF THE SEASON is dedicated to drinking vessels. Remarkable archaeological evidence of drinking and feasts as an important cultural phenomenon exist.

Drinking, one of the most common things, helps us reveal a small part of this world. This physiological need has been (and still is) part of many rituals. Common drinking confirmed friendship, political pacts, and/or commitments already in prehistory. The role of a toast is recorded in written sources of ancient times. Ritualised drinking was also a common part of religious ceremonies. The importance of drinking vessels is further documented by their frequent occurrences in graves – the majority of bygone societies placed such a vessel next to the dead for his eternal life.

Highly presentable drinking vessels from the Stone Age to the Modern Times are exhibited, accompanied by the graphics and texts referring to interesting facts.

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