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Chronology of Events

Chronology of Events

Villa exterior, sixties

The Communist seizure of power in Czechoslovakia (February 1948) significantly affects the fate of the villa – it becomes an ‘apartment villa’; though formally still in the ownership of the Müller family, they cannot use all of it.

Death of František Müller

The villa is nationalised; it becomes state property.
Part of the interiors are used by the Museum of Decorative Arts

Several rooms are assigned to the State Textbook Corporation

A court order states that additional rooms should be relinquished for use by the National Gallery. Mrs, Müllerová’s appeal is turned down; she retains only the servants’ quarters for her use

Miss Müllerová

The Swiss architects Frank Gloor, Rolf Gutmann and Felix Schwarz make a proposal for creating an Adolf Loos Centre in the Müller Villa

Under severe state pressure, the most important items of furniture and the art collection are sold to the Museum of Decorative Arts and the National Gallery
Death of Milada Müllerová
The remaining items in the house are sold by the Müllers’ daughter Eva

October 15, 1968
The Müller Villa is proclaimed a cultural landmark

The house is put at the disposal of the ‘Institute of Marxism-Leninism’ of the Central Committee of the Czechoslovak Communist Party

Missis Muller

The ‘Velvet Revolution’; the house is returned to the ownership of Eva Müllerová during property restitution

The Müller Villa is purchased by the city of Prague and assigned to administration by the City of Prague Museum

August 16, 1995
The Czech government proclaims the villa as a national heritage site

A competition is announced for a reconstruction project, which is won by the architectural studio Girsa AT

On-site research and detailed photographic documentation are performed of the villa’s current state

Start of the restoration of the villa and its furnishings, on the principle of ‘restoring’ a work of art: refurbishing the surviving parts of the interior, seeking out contemporary objects when missing, reconstruction of stucco, plaster and surface materials using the historically correct configurations; realisation of replicas of missing objects from historic photographs, reconstruction of the garden from the original landscaping plans.

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