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Colours and Shapes of Mother Earth – natural riches through the eyes of children all over the world

Colours and Shapes of Mother Earth – natural riches through the eyes of children all over the world

Ctěnice Chateau

22. 4. 2013 – 8. 9. 2013

The exhibition is organized to celebrate Earth Day.

Presenting vivid works of art created by children from many countries of the world, the exhibition COLOURS AND SHAPES OF MOTHER EARTH is the selection of the best works awarded in the 38th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2010.

That year--which was devoted to the International Year of Biodiversity--more than 25,000 children from 61 countries submitted works abounding in bugs, butterflies, salt- and freshwater fish, birds, wild and domestic animals, trees, grass and flowers. Among those countries represented were a few exotic places such as Bangladesh, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Paraguay, Indonesia, and the Cape Verde Islands.

Two years ago, when UNESCO announced 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity, we commemorated the importance of protecting biodiversity – the diversity of living nature. The theme of diversity is very topical today, as the “civilized” world is slowly learning about the problems of globalization, including the disappearance of specific cultures and traditions. Human activity also has a strong impact on nature, both as a whole and in particular pieces and elements. In wildlife, with no human intervention, all of these particulars fit together and everything works perfectly. However, man very often disturbs these important connections severing their links. We should all make efforts to maintain a large variety of living organisms, both animals and plants, because we all want our world to be a nice place to live, making sure it is not grey and deprived of beautiful experiences. The different perspectives on natural diversity presented by children from various parts of the world--in paintings, drawings, graphic sheets and sculptures--remind us what we could lose if we do not treat the natural world on our planet with care and provide it with enough space.

The international children’s exhibition--founded in 1972, in commemoration of the children of Lidice murdered by the Nazis in 1942--is one of the largest and oldest exhibitions of children’s art creations in the world. This year it celebrates its 40th anniversary.

The displayed works are the best of those on display in the Lidice Gallery in Lidice each year from June to October. They represent the cheery “other face” of Lidice, an important and irreplaceable contrast which brings hope, joy, and youth to a place associated with tragic events.

In 2012, we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the wiping out of Lidice village.

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