The City of Prague Museum

Department of Historical Collection

Similar to other specialized departments, the Department of Historical Collection is grounded in the general role of a museum to preserve the past records and to systematically gather, administer and process museum collections.

Current museum acquisitions are based on the intention to document life in Prague and the changes of lifestyle during the recent decades. In addition to “simple” documentation, this activity is associated with the medium-term intention to establish a permanent gallery in the City of Prague Museum covering the period from the early 19th century to the present time.

In addition to the care for collection items (acquisition, catalogization, appropriate depository), the staff of the historical collections department cooperates on many exhibition projects, such as the Prague Neighbourhoods long-term cycle, exhibitions on lifestyle and leisure time of Prague citizens and many others. The curators of historical collections publish in Historica Pragensia, the periodical of the City of Prague Museum focusing on collection items. The results of wide research are published in specific publications issued along with exhibitions. The curators of historical collections present the results of their work on workshops and conferences both home and abroad.

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