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Early Medieval Burial Ground in Prague-Lahovice

Early Medieval Burial Ground in Prague-Lahovice

Zdeňka Krumphanzlová and coll.

The City of Prague Museum, 2013


The catalogue of the largest early medieval burial ground in Bohemia, uncovered between 1954 and 1960 in Prague-Lahovice, popularizes outstanding findings based on the revised manuscript that remained unfinished by the research author Zdeňka Krumphanzlová; it provides all available information from the time terrain research was carried out (chapters written by Jiří Sláma and Zdeněk Smetánka). Nearly four hundred graves were discovered over seven research seasons in Lahovice; a large part of the publication presents their modern anthropological analysis (study by Petra Stránská – Miluše Dobisíková – Jakub Likovský – Petr Velemínský: Paleo-demographic and Biological Characteristics of the Prague-Lahovice Population; Jakub Likovský – Miluše Dobisíková – Petra Stránská – Adéla Hrádková – Šárka Kudrnová – Petr Velemínský: The Health of the Early Medieval Population of Prague-Lahovice).
The book includes drawings, among others of the overall burial ground plan, and reproductions of the preserved part of the research photo documentation as well as a compact disc with non-authorized manuscript of the summarizing text of Z. Krumphanzlová and the electronic version of the overall plan.

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