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The City of Prague Museum

EPOS 257: Fire Mountain

EPOS 257: Fire Mountain

Main Building

17. 4. 2019 – 29. 12. 2019

How do the homeless people live in Prague today? Where do they live, what do they do, and what are their dreams? Sometimes it is enough to turn off the street and climb over the fence to find oneself amidst the hidden periphery. The exhibition will present a place like that which is situated at Třebešín in Prague and which was nicknamed Smoke Mountain.

The artist EPOS 257 has documented the story of Fire Mountain. At first, he was fascinated by the visual and organic aspects of places situated in the geographical and mental fringe; later, he focused on who inhabited them and how. The results of his long-lasting research range from the museum presentation of material artefacts of otherwise forced out reality of current poverty to the level of social interventions. The exhibition is an artistic project that introduces Fire Mountain in several consequential chapters: it combines factual data with the premises showing the workings of homeless communities through photographs and a documentary film, while it also presents the subjective level of legends and myths associated with Fire Mountain. The project of the stone monument of Fire Mountain is the exhibition’s highlight; the artist created it alongside Marcel, a former inhabitant of this place, in the homeless life conditions.


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