Feel Free to Grab a Směr Toy

Feel Free to Grab a Směr Toy

Main Building

10. 10. 2017 – 14. 1. 2018

The installation for the Object of the Season series is this time dedicated to the Czech tradition of toy production.

The above-stated tagline which sticks in the minds of many generations of Czechoslovakian children is indivisibly connected with the name of the Směr Praha Cooperative Society. It was the leading Czech producer of toys and plastic products prior to 1989 which has defended its prominent position in the market to this day.

Over time, the best-selling products of Směr undoubtedly include the iconic board games such as Kloboučku hop (Jumping Cones), Blechy (Fleas), and Loyd’s ‘15’ as well as the ‘Roloped’ push bike. Furthermore, the plastic water toys such as the little duck, frog, and fish and the musical toy ‘Kazoo’ have been selling until now. Plastic models of all kinds of means of transportation are very popular among modellers.

Visitors will have a chance to view most of these iconic objects in the display case.

Exhibition details

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