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Find of a Group of Ground Stone Tools in Ruzyně

Find of a Group of Ground Stone Tools in Ruzyně

Main Building

2. 10. 2018 – 30. 12. 2018

Next in the OBJECT OF THE SEASON series, the exhibition is situated in a display case in the foyer of the main building.

A previously unknown site with traces of settlement from various prehistory stages was discovered during rescue archaeological research that was carried out in Prague-Ruzyně during the construction of the Prague Ring Road, north to its crossing with Karlovarská Street.

A wall niche of a settlement pit from the Neolithic revealed a group of ground stone tools – axes, wedges, their semi-finished parts, and a whetstone. Except for the sandstone whetstone, the other pieces were made of green and grey metamorphosed rock referred to as ‘the Jizerské hory type metabasit’.

According to the fragments of the Stroked Pottery Culture vessels discovered in the pit, this find dates from the period 4800–4500 BCE. The tools appear to have been hidden in the niche by their producer because the trove includes final products, the whetstone used for their production, and semi-finished products in various stages of processing.

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