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1. 7. 2014 – 28. 9. 2014

Object of the Season

The City of Prague Museum has a remarkable  collection  of nearly two hundred of gloves. We take the liberty to place the most interesting ones on display.

Gloves are important and very old parts of clothing.  The earliest mentions are found in the Old Testament of the Bible in the story of Isaac blessing  Esau and Jacob. When Isaac was very old he sent his son to hunt game and prepare a meal for him so that Isaac could bless him before he would die. Mother Rebekah overheard what he had said and told the younger son Jacob to put on a garment of goat hides and leather gloves so that the blind  Isaac would  believe he was Esau and bless him first. Gloves existed already in Ancient  Egypt, Greece, and Rome when various  types were used.

The purpose of gloves is to protect hands against cold, weather conditions, dirt, and also many times enhance the hands’ functionality.  In addition to their practical importance, gloves also have an embellishing effect, particularly in the case of ladies’ gloves. A unique collection  of the sample right-hand  gloves of the Fellowship of Glovers in Prague is being presented. The glovers displayed them at the World’s Fair in Paris in 1900 and were awarded a bronze medal. The pairs of gloves on display were largely donated to the museum by their female owners. They are made of leather, textile, and nylon and are adorned with all kinds of decoration  elements. The museum collection  includes men’s gloves too; they are copies of ceremonial gloves as parts of guild uniforms.

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