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The hall has, in turn, its own unique colour scheme: muted red, white and dark blue. A dark red oriental carpet covers the terracotta tiling. The wooden panelling with the repeated motif of an irregular square is painted white. The ceiling is dark blue, while the radiators are painted a rich red. The basic colours are complemented by the golden yellow silk curtains and the white shades of the ceiling lights, similar in shape to the lights in the corridor and in the entrance porch. Opposite the entrance of the hall is a bench similar to that in the porch, between two cubes - Loos' favourite element, repeatedly used in his interiors.
The bench was given matching, upholstered cushions. An oriental carpet of a similar type and colour as the original was eventually procured from an antique dealer. In period photographs a painting is seen hanging above the bench, which it has not been possible to identify, as the photographs are not sufficiently clear; for this reason the space in which it was hung has been left empty.

the hall


The guests' cloakroom is in a recess in the hall. Original, rough Japanese mats cover the walls of the broad niche. On the white lacquered running slat are a series of chromed pegs. In the lower part of the shorter wall of the cloakroom is an umbrella stand, above which is the original ground glass mirror; in the opposite wall is the door to the amenities.

The amenities (toilet and washbasin) were heavily damaged, and during restoration were returned to their original state. The basin, of the English make Twyfords, was in particularly poor condition; while the English factory still exists, basins of this type are no longer manufactured. For this reason, sculptor Pavel Jarkovský, in co-operation with Ideal Standard in Teplice, created a copy. The tiling was missing in several places, and was filled out using similar pieces obtained from other buildings dating to the 1930's. The mahogany details were made new, preserving their original material and shape.

Entrance to the social area of the house is via a short, right-angled staircase leading from the hall to a low recess opening into the living room. The staircase and recess have the same panelling as the hall. Beneath the ceiling of the recess is an original strip of English wallpaper with a floral pattern, and in the corner a low niche is closed with blinds. The private staircase that immediately joins the lady's boudoir on the mezzanine to the dining room also gives into the recess.

ceiling light

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