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The City of Prague Museum

John Huss and the Hussites in Prague / 1415–2015

John Huss and the Hussites in Prague / 1415–2015

Out of the Museum Buildings, Clam-Gallas Palace

25. 9. 2015 – 24. 1. 2016

Opening Time
Daily except Mondays 10 am to 6 pm

The exhibition presents an impressive selection of exhibits related to John Huss’s activities in Prague which in his time was the political and cultural centre of the Holy Roman Empire. The display consists of works of art, models, books, and documents that give evidence of the tradition of John Huss and the Hussites during the Czech National Revival, the First Czechoslovak Republic, the period after 1945 as well as today.

The exhibition is organized by the City of Prague Museum and the Prague City Archives in cooperation with many other institutions.

Photos from the exhibition


From the opening


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