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Keys to Prague Towers

Keys to Prague Towers

Prague Towers

from 1. 6. 2014

without limitation, at the time of program

Suitable for both - large and small, for families and groups with children from 4 to 18 years
Free entry and a private "key" from the museum

Help us find the keys to Prague towers, visit the unique historic sites, get free tickets to the museum, and win prizes!

With the Keys to Prague Towers you will spend meaningful and playful time with your children, visit beautiful places in the centre of Prague and even be able to view them from above. Furthermore, your children or grandchildren will have fun searching for the keys that the forgetful warden lost.

> Visit the Petřín Observation Tower, Town Belfry by St Nicholas Church, Lesser Town and Old Town Bridge Towers, and Powder Tower, all of which are run by the City of Prague Museum.

> Get the ‘Pass of the Prague Towers Honest Warden’ at the towers’ ticket offices. You will receive one pass per family/group of visitors.

> At the ticket offices, you will also get an activity sheet (one of five versions). Each family/group will get one activity sheet but may ask for more if desired (maximum of one sheet per two persons). The activity sheet does not require any special knowledge; it is more based on the ability to look around. You can also download the activity sheets for the Prague Towers below.

Once you have completed the tasks, have your activity sheet checked by someone from the staff to get a unique stamp in your pass (if most of your answers are correct). In addition to that, you will receive a beautiful paper cut-out model of the tower you have just visited. You must collect all the stamps and bring your pass to the museum’s main building within one year and one day (magical 366 days) from the day you received your first stamp in your pass.

>Collect the activity sheets from the other towers and never forget to have your Pass of the Prague Towers Honest Warden with you to be able to collect stamps.

After you have collected the stamps from all the five towers, take your pass to the museum’s main building at Florenc. In addition to free tickets for you and your family, you will also get a ‘key’ to the museum – a cool keychain which is an accurate copy of a historical key in the museum’s collection.

The searching for the Keys to Prague Towers was launched on Children’s Day on June 1, 2013. 

Thus, your family key hunting may start on any day the towers are open! The warden mixed things up a bit at the Petřín Observation Tower! There, you will get your Pass and activity sheets from a custodian of the permanent exhibition in the basement. The solutions of the activity sheets can be viewed below. And because the forgetful warden left the Petřín key at the museum’s main building at Florenc, you can pick it up when you walk past or when you come to pick up your prize. But do not forget to keep your Petřín Observation Tower ticket. The ticket office attendant will give you a stamp of the Petřín key only upon showing the Petřín ticket!

Information for Towers Honest Wardens, Parents and Children

Contact Person: Markéta Gausová Zörnerová, e-mail:

Project was prepared by education department in 2013.

Author of the project: Kateřina Štěpánová
Author of the worksheets: Markéta Gausová Zörnerová
Head of Education Department: Ivana Pernicová

The Petrin Observation Tower - photo gallery


The Lesser Town Bridge Tower - photo galery


The Old Town Bridge Tower - photo gallery


The Powder Tower - photo gallery


The Town Belfrey by St. Nicholas´Church - photo gallery

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