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Lady's dressing room

Lady's dressing room

The lady's dressing room can be reached from the bedroom and from the children's room. The maple veneer furniture was again made by S.B.S. Brno. The long, oblong room seems to glow in the warm, golden colour of the maple veneer. The shorter wall at the head of the dressing room appears as originally intended: the three unequally deep wardrobes forming the three-sided end of the room. The wardrobes have single doors with large mirrors, which without doubt could take the role of a tripartite toiletry mirror with moveable side leaves. The shallow middle wardrobe at the end of the dressing room has two deeper wardrobes beside it, built on a pentagonal plan and with pivoted chrome hangers joined by chains and a range of pegs for hats. The unusual resolution of the end of the room has a panelled ceiling, the lights being set into the panels . The row of cupboards along the long wall excels as a functional solution for the storage of clothes and washing. Here, as in the gentleman's dressing room, architect Vaněk used practical sliding shelves of the English type.

In front of the window is a toiletry table with its original opaque, white glass top. The lower part has eight pegs on each side. The central part of the table can be lifted, and has a mirror on its underside. To both sides of the toiletry table are tall, single-wood, angular cupboards; that on the left has chrome metal pegs, that on the left has chromed metal shoe hangers. Opposite the door to the bedroom, on the left side of the door to the children's room, is a single open cabinet that was apparently for dressing gowns.
The table lamp, with its subtle chrome construction and broad, cylindrical, milky glass shade, comes from the original furnishings. Adolf Loos chose himself it himself from the catalogue of the Prague firm of Franta Anýž & spol, by whom it was designed in 1928.
The dressing room has a parquet floor with an oriental runner. The upholstered, oval rattan chair has not survived - it was remade from original documentation. The other, original furnishings were cleaned and restored. Several missing chrome pegs were replaced.

The lady's dressing room

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