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Lithuanian Film Posters

Lithuanian Film Posters

Main Building

29. 6. 2017 – 24. 8. 2017

The exhibition will present the most interesting Lithuanian film posters from the collections of the Lithuanian Theater, Music, and Film Museum in Vilnius. There will be 43 posters on display covering the period between 1953 and 2010. The posters have been designed by the prominent Lithuanian poster designers (affichistes); after the 1960s, mostly the graduates of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Regardless of censorship the posters are distinguished by a specific artistic expression – an allegorical meaning that remarkably broadens the understanding of films.

The earliest poster dates back to 1953, to a semi-propaganda film Aušra prie Nemuno which depicts hard living conditions in Lithuanian after World War II. The world-renowned painter and graphic artist, Vytautas Valius (1930–2004), is one of the most famous artists engaged in producing film posters. His poster for the film Jausmai of 1966 bears comparison with the most stringent criteria applied to graphic art in Europe at that time.

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