The City of Prague Museum

Little Big Illustrators

Little Big Illustrators

Main Building, Lecture Hall No. 9

8. 11. 2016 – 30. 11. 2016

Focusing on illustration again, the City of Prague Museum introduces an exhibition which will present reproductions of children’s drawings awarded in the contest ‘Multilingualism Is a Wealth’ – the national contest for children of multilingual children from different cultures which has been on for several years.

Using all kinds of techniques, the children produced marvellous creations, pictures of book heroes, inventive comic strips, and even hand-crafted books in many languages. The Master of Arts, Sevdalina Kovářová Kostadinová, is the spiritual leader of the contest. In the exhibition, the children’s pictures will add to her professional works of art. She will present her illustrations and layouts which were created during the process of preparing books, magazines, and teaching materials for the children in the Czech Republic. The exhibition is organised as part of multicultural programmes which are held regularly by the City of Prague Museum.

The selected teaching materials for children, created by the artist, will be available for free in the exhibition hall.



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