The City of Prague Museum

Long live Hurvínek!

Long live Hurvínek!

Main Building

23. 11. 2016 – 19. 2. 2017

The City of Prague Museum in cooperation with the Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvínek opens an exhibition to celebrate the 90th birth anniversary of the smallest Czech – Hurvínek.

A visit to the world of Hurvínek is playful and interactive.

You have a chance to literally walk into Hurvínek’s presents which have been designed as big boxes. One is from Spejbl, one from Mánička, and one from Bábinka. The walls of the boxes are covered with their memories. The presents also include various interactive elements.

Children can play-act together with Hurvínek and in a short film learn about what goes on behind the scenes and how a theatre performance is created. All this is illustrated with historical documents, film, audio (archive and present–day) recordings and puppets.

Naturally, the famous puppets are present as well so you can look forward to see Spejbl, Hurvínek, Mánička, Bábinka, and Žeryk the dog. Do not miss your opportunity and take a picture with them all.

Ať žije Hurvínek!

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