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Ludmila Kapalínová, the midwife of Sobín







Ludmila Kapalínová, the midwife of Sobín 

Pavla Státníková, Prokop Remeš

The City of Prague Museum, 2017

A unique book published for the exhibition of the same title.


The personal story of the midwife Ludmila Kapalínová, née Kubíková, of Sobín (1780–1860) casts light on the turning period of the understanding of the role of midwives – companions of women in their difficult moments which are connected with the very fundaments of life here on earth. Ludmila, from 1805 a wife of a small farmer in Sobín and a tenfold mother of living or dead children, left to study midwifery at the university in Prague in 1824 for nearly half a year at the age of 44 (and pregnant for the last time).

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