The City of Prague Museum

MuzeuM Market

MuzeuM Market

Main Building

3. 12. 2016

9am - 6pm

We are happy to invite you to the fourth year of the MuzeuM Market! This year you will have an opportunity not only to buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones but also to make a charitable donation. There will be children’s programmes as well as foods and drinks at the market.

Similar to the previous years, there will be free admission to the museum’s main building. The lecture hall will be the place to buy design and non-design products made of ceramics, natural and other materials such as jewellery, hand-painted silk scarfs, crocheted Christmas decorations, syrups, jams, and much more. Visitors who will buy donated gifts from the City of Prague Museum employees may support a selected project of the civic association ‘Zajíček na koni’ (A Hare on a Horse).

As part of the programme, there will be live theatre shows for children: fairy tales in the morning and The Way to Bethlehem theatre performance at 3 pm. Furthermore, a concert of Christmas songs starting 1.30 pm, children will be able to visit art workshops to create Christmas cards, wooden cars, Christmas bead ornaments, and other Christmas decorations.

A café in the museum’s Langweil Playroom will offer refreshments and rest zone.

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