The City of Prague Museum

My Country 2014

My Country 2014

Ctěnice Chateau

3. 3. 2015 – 12. 4. 2015

The project “My Country And the Ways of Transformation” has been contributing to the improvement of residences and beautiful landscapes for seven years, presenting an exemplary respect for values entrusted to us by our ancestors; however, those relics did not receive sufficient care in the past. The travelling exhibition presents all kinds of transformations, from small repairs of crosses and tombstones, the restoration of village squares and public spaces, the building of paths and ways, and the revitalisation of parks and gardens to intricate repairs and reconstructions of large compounds.

No matter how expensive the transformation, whether tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of crowns, every project is unique and has a special story behind it. Dilapidated buildings and neglected areas are rejuvenated, often with a new purpose. “My Country And the Ways of Transformation” includes 120 projects in the Czech Republic a year. The collection displayed in Ctěnice Chateau shows transformations of selected historical buildings in Prague and Central Bohemia.

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