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Negrelli Viaduct

Negrelli Viaduct

Out of the Museum Buildings, The Municipal District of Prague 8 – “White House”

9. 9. 2015 – 25. 10. 2015

An exhibition presenting the unique technological landmark – Negrelli Viaduct – will take place in the building of the Municipal District of Prague 8, referred to as “White House”, from September 9 to October 25, 2015.

The Negrelli Viaduct is the second oldest bridge in Prague and the oldest railway bridge across the Vltava. Until 1910, it was the longest viaduct in Europe. The bridge was to lead the railways from the north, Děčín and Dresded, into the only existing station of that time, the National Railway Company Station (today Masaryk Station). The viaduct received its name from the Austrian engineer Alois Negrelli von Moldelbe (1799–1858) who designed it. The structure, which once employed about 3,000 workers, was begun in 1846 and it opened four years later.

Visitors to the exhibition will see unique reproductions of paintings that render the bridge building and its current appearance. These works of art were created by prominent painters such as Carl Robert Croll and Fridrich Anděl. For the first time in history, photos of the bridge that have not yet been published will be seen. Some of them are as old as the late 19th century.

The Municipal District of Prague 8 – “White House”
U Meteoru 6, Prague 8 – Libeň

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