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Planning Documentation

Planning Documentation

Final plan

The project documents for permission to construct a family residence for Ing. Dr. František Müller on plot no. 216 / 2 in Prague–Střešovice, executed at a scale of 1:100, were submitted by the firm of ‘officially authorised engineers Kapsa & Müller’ in November 1928. The Prague city officials reacted with some degree of incomprehension to a building whose ‘excessively smooth’ facades would clash with their surroundings. The city building office, following the standpoint of the regulatory authorities, extended and finally refused the issuing of a building permit, which helped both the architect and the building gain popularity and attracted the attention of the public.
The red lines on the floor plans and facade elevations are the work of the building office, which disagreed with the positioning of the windows on the facade, as well as the extent of usable areas in the attic rooms.

Adolf Loos, Karel Lhota, definitive plan for the Müller Villa, November 1928
Built-up area: 255.3 m2. Total floor area: 866.4m2. Total spatial volume: 2 987 m3

Central viev 1:100south viewnorth view

east viewwest view

řez – shora po patrech:komora, půda, ložnice, lázeň hosta, lázeň služek, služky, obývací pokoj, budoár, knihovna, předsíň, sklep, garáž, prádelnaPodkroví - terasa, půda, klozet, komora

1. patro - ve směru hodinových ručiček: šatna,  ložnice, šatna, I. dětský pokoj, II. dětský pokoj, klozet služky, chodba, lázeň služky, hostPřízemí - ve směru hodinových ručiček: obývací pokoj, jídelna, příprava, kuchyně, knihovna, salonSuterén - ve směru hodinových ručiček: garáž, sklep, nářadí, žehlírna, prádelna, kotelna, uhlí, vstup, komora, předsíň, klozet

Variants of planning documentation by Karel Lhota





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